Field Instrumentation

Stratinel has partnered with Vector Controls and Automation Group to provide engineering and sales solutions for major manufactures of field instrumentation and analytical equipment.

Tailor-made field instrumentation, solutions, and services.

Through our partnership with Vector Controls and Automation Group, Stratinel provide products and solutions for your process measurement and control applications.

  • Flow, level, pressure, and temperature
  • Custody transfer flow metering solutions
  • Process analysis integrated solutions
  • Tank gauging and inventory management
E+H Level

Level Measurement

Quality products from the market leader in level measurement

  • Continuous level measurement
  • Point level measurement
  • Interface level measurement

Endress+Hauser offer a wide range of level measurement products employing advanced measurement principles and technologies.

  • Radar and Guided radar
  • Ultrasonic
  • Vibration
  • Capacitance
  • Conductive
  • Hydrostatic
  • Radiometry
  • Servo
  • Electromechanical

Pressure Measurement

Process and differential pressure measurement for process applications including acids, sludge, gases, or vapors.

  • Gauge, absolute, and differential pressure measurement
  • Compact pressure transducers
  • Pressure switches
  • Analog and digital transmitters
  • A wide choice of diaphragm seal models to suite your application
  • Accessories required for safe and efficient operation
  • SIL-3 / IEC 61508 compliant digital transmitters
E+H Pressure
E+H Flow

Flow Measurement

High-performance instruments for the flow measurement of liquids, gases, and steam.

  • Electromagnetic
  • Coriolis
  • Ultrasonic
  • Thermal
  • Differential pressure
  • Vortex
  • Hygienic applications

Temperature Measurement

Wide selection of sensors and transmitters for process industry applications.

Endress+Hauser offer a complete assortment of compact thermometers, modular thermometers, thermowells, measurement inserts, transmitters, and accessories for all types of process industries.

  • Industrial thermometers
  • Hygienic thermometers
  • Multipoint temperature sensors
  • Temperature switches
  • DIN rail mounted and field mounted temperature transmitters
  • Thermowells and protection tubes
  • Cable probes and surface thermometers
E+H Temperature
E+H Analysis


Comprehensive product range and customized solutions to meet your needs.

To complement the world-class process analysis solutions, Endress+Hauser has dedicated centers of competence staffed with experts who provide customized solutions that meet individual project requirements.
We provide support for your project from conceptual design to engineering and commissioning

  • Custom made analytical stations
  • Liquid and gas analysis solutions
  • Turnkey execution of integrated system as per project specifications

Custody transfer flow metering

Engineered and certified custody transfer solutions for oil & gas, chemicals, and food industries.

  • API (American Petroleum Institute) or MID (Measuring Instrument Directive) conform custody transfer metering skids
  • Enhanced accuracy for mass or volume delivery by means of industry leading high quality instrumentation
  • Expert support though project implementation, installation, commissioning, field calibration, and operation
E+H Custody Transfer

Tank Gauging and Inventory Management

Products & software solutions to optimize inventory and custody transfer operation.

Endress+Hauser offer state of the art instrumentation and software packages for applications ranging from easy monitoring of tanks and silos to highly accurate custody transfer tank gauging at tank farms, ships, or terminals. Endress+Hauser’s inventory management solutions help customers around the world to optimize supply chain with tailor made inventory management and automation systems.

Endress+Hauser’s tank gauging platform includes the tank gauging instrumentation and software systems needed to provide highly accurate level, volume, temperature, and pressure measurements. The tank gauging instruments are developed according to international metrology recommendations such as OIML R85 and API MPMS, qualifying the devices for use as components of certified systems for custody transfer.

The versatile individual monitoring instruments are suitable for integration with customer’s facility control, safety, and monitoring systems.

  • Safety management: Overfill prevention according to API 2350 or SIL
  • Inventory management: Tracks material is on site, available storage space, and product gain and loss balance
  • Tank Monitoring: Provides information on tank inventories based on tank group, buyer, location, product, and status
  • Tank Vision: Software that provides a graphical summary of inventory
  • Terminal Vision: Software that provides loading and unloading controls and monitors for the operation of a terminal

The Stratinel advantage

Combining forces with Vector Controls and Automation Group, Stratinel provide engineering, sales support, and after sales support for Endress+Hauser products and services. Starting with ensuring the best solution for your process control application, our combined engineering and product support capabilities means you have a trusted partner for your field instrumentation applications. Our unwavering customer support will ensure that you have the product support all the way to the commissioning and beyond.

  • An alliance to guarantee quality services and customer satisfaction
  • Engineering and documentation
  • Inspection and integrated FAT at factory or integration facility
  • After sales, commissioning, and operations support through manufacturer trained network of technical personnel