Automated Valves

We represent SWI Valve Co Ltd, South Korea in the U.S. Market for their instrumentation and automation valve products.

Innovative flow control solutions
for critical services

SWI Valve Co Ltd (SWI) is a leading manufacturer of industrial valves with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality critical application valves. A widely approved brand with global majors, SWI is an established supplier of valves for various industry segments including onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. The company has a state of the art manufacturing and valve automation facility in Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

In line with SWI’s commitment to quality and reliability, SWI sources all of the major materials and parts only from within South Korea. Specialty materials required for valve manufacture are sourced from reliable suppliers in Germany.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric (MOV) actuated valves

Emergency shut down (ESD) valves

Complex control systems incorporating Partial Stroke Test (PST) capability

Single warranty for the complete automated package

A widely approved brand with global majors, SWI has an established presence in the oil and gas industry including high-profile, offshore upstream projects.

SWI offers a wide portfolio of products that meet the highest levels of quality control. SWI’s manufacturing plants are equipped with some of the most technically advanced manufacturing, inspection, and testing equipment used in the industry.

Production plants in South Korea
Years industry experience
Global company approvals

Major customers of SWI automation valves

SWI Automated Valve+Actuator

Actuators and Controls

SWI use high quality heavy duty actuators and controls from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. To complement the actuator, SWI offers a full line of control components from well-known manufacturers.

The components are connected by means of a versatile, leak tight coupling system and mounted on a vibration resistant and shock proof stainless steel base plate or via modular manifold system that minimizes piping arrangements and fittings. The manifold system is easy to install and maintain, offering significant savings in the total installed costs.

Automation solutions by using premier brands for actuators & controls

  • Fully equipped automation facility
  • 100% inspection & functional testing
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) against design pressure
  • Electronic torque measurement for valves with 0.3% accuracy

Stratinel provide engineering, product selection, and sales support for SWI’s complete range of automation valves.

  • Engineered solution for XV, SDV, ESD, and BDV valves
  • Project documentation, certifications, and regulatory approvals
  • Integrated FAT at the factory test facility
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • After sales support